Testimonials — Hear what others are saying about RTC Training.

My sons run cross country and track in intermediate school and love it! After participating in the Cool Runners Fitness Camps this past summer, their school coach was amazed at the improvement in their running skills. Rob taught them proper running form and breathing techniques and the training also greatly increased their running endurance. The boys enjoyed making new friends in the camp and Rob’s positive feedback, energy and enthusiasm increased their confidence and self-esteem. The boys trained with Rob up until the Saturday before Christmas, which was a cold and rainy day. They were soaking wet and covered in mud, but they loved every minute of it! Both boys are looking forward to training with Rob for spring track and participating in the camp again this summer! Rob’s passion for running is infectious and it makes me so happy to see that transfer to both of my sons.
— Cheryl D'Auria
Like many parents, I always worry about my kids fitting in, finding a passion and being healthy. I am happy to say you’re running camps have provided this for two of my children. Team and/or contact sports aren’t for every child. So although most consider running an individual sport, in your environment… the kids feel more like part of a team! As my older son gets ready to enter high school next year, I feel like he will be better prepared to join the cross country/track teams having been coached by you. For my daughter, running in the off season has made her a stronger soccer player and now introduced her to the sport of track. Most importantly, RTC Training has become a family experience. The other day at your camp, I was motivated to get out of the car and start running myself. It’s now something we as a family can do together.
— Nancy Weirman
“Rob Cavanaugh is an excellent coach. His sports knowledge and experience as an athlete himself are only part of what make him an excellent coach. Rob is also reliable, patient, caring and fun. He earns respect from his players and instills in them a desire to excel. His practices are organized and he goes out of his way to ensure every player is learning. Rob is, by far, the best coach any of my children have ever had.”
— Kelly Valinoti
Our daughter is 10 and happens to love soccer…her coach happens to be Rob…who happens to be a runner. Lila loves running 5k’s and quickly realized that running was more then putting on a pair of sneakers. She wanted to know what and when she should eat before a race or a game. Can she run a 5k in the morning and play well in her game in the afternoon? Why is she better at long distance? How can she improve her finishing kick? Rob answers all of her questions and she has better technique because of him. According to Lila there is nothing like winning races, running faster than boys, running through puddles and telling Rob her latest race time. Give it a try!
— Kelly & Dave Rice
As the head coach of the Middletown (NJ) Crew U-18B traveling soccer team, I am pleased to have found a rewarding benefit by using the services of Rob Cavanaugh as my team trainer. Rob has trained the Crew for the past five seasons and has been instrumental in the ongoing success of my players as individuals and the team collectively. Rob’s ability to help cultivate the Crew, in both the technical and tactical points of the game, has been paramount to the continued success that we have enjoyed as a team. While having coached soccer in the shore area for the past 25 years, I could not have made better choice than Rob as my team trainer. Energetic, engaging and committed to success, that’s Rob Cavanaugh.
— Lou Scaduto
Like any 6 year old boy, my son loves to play outside and run around. But after going to RTC Training’s running camp last summer, running is now a passion. He looks forward to every new RTC camp to work on his time & running form!
— Kelley Stiles